Hi. I'm Abdul Lateef.
I help data make sense.

I am a business intelligence analyst/developer, an aspiring data and analytics expert, a data nerd, a visual story-teller, a former web designer, cool-beard guy.

About Me

A little background

I have always enjoyed being creative, and have always thrived in tasks that require a little bit of out-of-the-box thinking. That coupled with my analytical approach to breaking down tasks and problems, I set out on a career as a web and graphics designer. I really enjoyed my career as a designer, but while I could be as creative as I wanted, I was not fulfilled in the more technical, and even analytical aspects of my role. 

From Designer to Data Lover

After I completed my degree, I decided to explore other fields, and see what I could pursue as a career instead. After numerous hours of searching, seeking advice, and countless YouTube videos, I finally stumbled upon the field of data analytics. It was just what the doctor ordered. This role required me to be creative, analytical, data driven, be able to communicate visually, and actually allowed me to impact in an organisation’s decision making. I sharpened up my skills, created a portfolio, updated my resume, and started applying like a mad-man. Finally, I got offered an internship in Jan 2022 as a BI Analyst and I have not looked back since. 


Data Exploration in SQL

Data Exploration of Global COVID-19 Data in SQL Server.

Movie correlation with Python

In this project we explore what variables effect the gross revenue from movies.

Data Cleaning in SQL

In this project we clean-up raw Housing Data in MSSQL Server to make it more useable for analysis.

Tableau Projects

A collection of Tableau dashbords for personal projects.

Amazon web scrapper with Python

In this project we scrape data from Amazon to analyze data for products.

Companies I have worked with

Skills and Tools

Courses and Certifications

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